Ahhh food, wine and friends.....my favorite three things.
Zoom in my Fiat 500 rental to pick up Kila and we are off to Napa......wine, bubbles, rain, relaxing baths, dinner with my favorite winery owners, food, food, mustard, Redd, Market, Bakery, big lips, bubbles again and back to san fran.  I love Wine country quick trips.....
   The Ferry building Farmers Market was full of color, intoxicating aromas, delicious food (slow roasted pork with carmelized onions and this gorgeous egg and sausage sandy) and people scurrying trying to get the best fruit and vegetables before they are gone.  You see local chefs with their baskets or carts, the trendy couple with their gucci "grocery" sacks, the hippies with arms loaded, the 'woke up late and didnt brush my hair woman", and there was us......2 hungry girls who wanted to buy EVERYTHING but had to be realistic for our dinner party.  We got brussels, oranges, apples, leeks, carrots that smelled so delicious (like dirty summer) kale and thick cut bacon and tulips and AHHH....organic eggs and squash...blood oranges.
     We loaded Pepps (our Fiat) and headed north to Point Reyes....twisty drive that leads to the salty ocean air with the sun shining just for us.  We stopped at the Pelican Inn, a homey English b and b for some bubbly then back to the city to start our food for the dinner party.  Which was so amazing. 

Im crazy about bananagrams, Elka, Amber Pie, the view of the Bay Bridge from my bed, Marts love for Kila, Pepps the Fiat, Mustard in the Vineyards, Korean pork Buns at Redd, the handsome John Buehler, abbreviations, big juicy lips at Chandon, Ken and Jings gracious gift and conversation, the deviled eggs at Park Tavern, the bloodiest oranges you ever ate, the warm fire on a rainy night, my new German blazer I scored at a vintage shop, and all of the smiles and laughs I owe to my newest most favorite friend Kila....You dont find people like her.  I scored.....Im the lucky one....Hugs
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