I couldn't sleep the other night so at 5 am I decided to watch a movie I had rented.  - The Way-
It was a brilliant movie and one of the most thought provoking Ive seen in years.

All these struggles and burdens we carry with us.  The "what ifs" and the "only ifs".  The excuses we make for ourselves.  Our mind is constantly dragging a cross around that no one can see.  Our journey through life is what we make of it.....and these invisible crosses seem to be the source of how we live it....like an anchor being tied to our feet and dragged around as life unfolds around us.
What is it that finally changes the way you think or feel....how does the anchor get untangled from our feet?  Or makes you see yourself for what you really are and how others might think of you as. 

Its true that one second can change your life forever. 

And its not just you that controls that second.  Thats the hardest thing for me to realize in life I swear.

The man next door, your loved one, your best friend, the driver in the car next to yours, the mailman, a or a woman who lives in Canada and is here on business.  Every Person in this world possibly holds the key to your life in their hands.  That is a frightening thought if you think about it too long.  
When you have to deal with the consequences of someones elses decisions its beyond difficult. 

This movie was about respect, self reflection, dealing with burden, loss and love. 
Life really is miraculous and above all.....worth living to its fullest as you don't know when someone elses poor decision will take it away from you or change it. 

That is life.  That is love.  That is consequence.

Watch the movie.....

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