I have been home 2 weekends in a row- this is the first time in months - probably 6 at least.  And I havent gotten a damn thing done.  I feel like Ive been busy- cleaning out cupboards, my closet, the dust bunnies that linger in the corner, the pile of things that needed to be filed and my summer clothes have found a secure place until next year.  I roasted a ton of vegetables and made 4 soups.  I mailed out long overdue cards instead of sending emails.  I repotted plants and started to rake the leaves (ok not really). I found myself in the basement going through my wine trying to find out what I should drink and looking at all the wines I forgot I had.  I also drank a lot of those wines as well.  I watched Seinfeld reruns (remember when Kramer decides to have the Jewish singles party and he tries to cook all that food and then Georges dad ends up helping and freaking out!)  I paid bills, I drank more wine.  I got a massage, pedicure and went shoe shopping (successful by the way)  I ate sushi and drank pots of coffee.  I took my grandparents to church, made dinner for one of my favorite couples and drank wine by moonlight and gossiped.  I got caught up on work and cleaned my toilets.  I listened to sappy music and cried like a baby.  I missed, wished and sighed.  I reconnected, longed and regretted.  I tossed and turned most nights and worked on my website (HELLO DOESNT IT LOOK BETTER!?)
I played with my friends babies, went out on the town twice with my girls, seen friends I havent seen in months and drank more wine.  I laughed and then laughed harder. 
I wont be home for the next couple weekends - I wish I would have gotten more done when I could have?!

nothing I can do

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