So - lately life has me on this crazy rollercoaster.  If you dont know, I despise rollercoasters......gross.  I went to Great America once - it was awful....i did it because I was taking one for the team in a relationship....the thought of my stomach doing flip flops, waiting in line for hours, the hot sun,  watching kids vomit and me wanting to vomit puts me in the red zone of disaster.
I even tried getting the person drunk the night before so he wouldnt want to go because he was hungover but little did I know he got up and slept the whole way down to arrive all fresh and ready...Dammit.  I didnt eat anything but snow cones and slushies all day just in case if I spewed it would be tolerable and taste like fake strawberries.  I didnt spew.  And i didnt have fun.  He did.  And at 845 - i thought we were done when they called out over the park - "only 15 minutes left" but I was mistaken - because most people were gone we got to go on the batman 3 times in a was like Satan himself was out to get me.  I survived though.  And he better have loved me more for it.....probably not though :) 
Anyway.  LIfe.  Its almost unreal to me that one minute you can be amazingly happy and you can hear a song or a memory flashes into your head and your mood can turn into waterworks or worse yet - regret.  I have more happiness lately then regret or waterworks so Im on the way up in my rollercoaster - but I look at my friends, coworkers and myself and see how volatile we all have become with our disposable lives.  Im as bad as anyone.  Do you think our granparents and parents were just better at hiding it? maybe
Sometimes I feel like the GIANT DROP- then it switches over to the DEMON,the next minute could be the DIVE BOMBER - then the TORNADO and my least favorite being the RAGING BULL.  Great America has turned out to be my adrenaline pumping, laugh my ass off, eating treats and screaming like a baby lifestyle?  who wouldve thought I go to Great America Everyday by just waking up?  Is this good or bad?

everytime I think I got it made - the taste was not so sweet

11/12/2011 10:48:10 am

Love your story Amber! As horrific as I am sure it was, it was great to laugh at now looking back. That is how most tragic instances seem to be when reflecting, at least it gives us something to learn from and smile about. Ill keep in mind never to invite you to any adventures involving roller coasters ;)


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