This was my girl 

Her name was Prophet - but we called her Fatty most times.  
I know it sounds a little mean, but she liked that name.  That name was never used when we yelled at her, like when you were a kid and your parents used your first and middle name to yell at you, not your "pet name".  Mine was Tinker by the way.  
She was in love with food, maybe that was one of our common grounds.  

She was a great dane and I remember the first day I met her.  
I had returned home early from the Islands off the coast of Venezuela, and I was going to surprise my partner at 3 am that I was home early.  I pulled in the driveway and snuck in the door...Seconds later I hear the loudest and scariest bark you have ever heard.  I instantly started backing up towards the door but she got to me first.  I was frozen and couldn't even yell for help.  She was scary as hell and was pissed and I had no idea why she was there.  He ran down and got her to calm down.  He introduced me to our new dog Prophet that he gotten at the Madison Rescue Foundation.  
Well Hello Prophet - Can you please go back to were you came from? 
That was my first thought.  It was the biggest dog I had ever seen and she definitely weighed more than me.  A week later I was sprawled on the floor with her relaxing and talking to her like she was my best girlfriend. And as the months rolled by, she was loved by everyone.  Seriously everyone. My friends and I would give her pedicures and paint her toenails bright red.  She sat as still as a mannequin so I wouldn't smudge. She loved getting brushed and laying in the sun.
She was also a lap dog, or thought she was - All 160 lbs of her.  Her lanky legs would try to get up and sit by you.
She loved to get her butt rubbed and she would almost knock you over as she leaned into you as you pet her. 
I took her camping and she spooned me at night and kept me warm.  For real, she would lay next to you and put her paw over your shoulder.  SO precious.
She would ride around in my Volkswagen Beetle and people would point and laugh - she would sit proud in the backseat, her head touching the ceiling. She always sat pretty.  Which I think most dog owners know what that means because I cant explain it.  
She also did not run, she pranced.  We had another dane who ran as fast as the wind, but she pranced around, her toes pointing upward...quite a sight.
I would get up early in morning and walk around the yard with my coffee and she would be following me around, by my side, even if she was tired.  When she was naughty (usually food related) and I would yell at her, she would put her head down, disappointed in herself and clearly sad she had disappointed me.  
Her bark was scary and intimidating, but the second you touched her, she was a lover and once she knew your smell, she wouldn't stop trying to get you to pet her and love her.
Her one true love was her daddy and master.  I truly believe she was completely in love with him.  She would stare at him all the time, and then he would look at her and she would look away like "oh my god he looked at me"-  like a school girl.  She would have walked across hot coals if he was on the other side. 
Instead of walking beside him, like she did with me, she would walk 2 steps behind him and follow him.  Sometimes if he would stop too fast, her nose would go ripe up his hinder.  Drove him crazy. 
He said he picked her out of 15 or more danes.  She was sitting pretty and looking up at him with her warming brown eyes and he new instantly that she was the one, and I think that love started for her at that exact moment - that she was finally saved and going home..

All the memories of her- being a protector, prancing around the yard, cuddling with Dickie the kitty, following our every move, being a friend when I needed it, sighing when it was needed, eating my scraps, driving me nuts sometimes, her constant mission to find food, and her instant excitement to my excitement was priceless.  She was a part of me, my memories and my life.  She isn't forgotten.  She was the best animal I have ever met,  Dickie the kitty a close second, and the word "best" just doesn't seem good enough.  

I was blessed to have had her in my life and she showed me that there is such a thing as unconditional love.

Its true - it does exist.

ps - RIP KBF - thinking of you today and praying for peace - love you  


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