Toast and Wine bar - I found out a local restaurant that burned down in July is continuing their delicious food by "popping" up in places all over the warehouses and coffee shops etc.  What a great idea! and what a positive outlook on such a tough time for them! 
My cousin and I made our trek there and at 5 minutes till 7 we popped in to see if they were ready and they were setting up quickly.  As we sat down at Bradford coffee house - a beautiful snow started to fall......Here was the menu

I    texas toast

pulled pork, muenster, apple, pickled, 

II    potato bread toast

duck confit, cream and egg custard

III    miche

summer sausage, mustard, kimchee

IV    rye

pickled trout, creme fraiche, pickled ramps, fried lemon

V    garlic toast

kale Caesar salad, anchovies

VI    brioche

boozy French toast, blood orange marmalade, clotted cream

I got the Duck Confit toast and my cousin the pulled pork....then a glass of Rhone red to share....WOW.  FLavor and deliciousness.  I like the pork one the best - the apples gave it a great crunch and the pork was tender and flavorful. 
The Duck one was like a piece of double dipped french toast (pretty eggy for me) and then served with a huge duck leg.....
The wine was great for $4 a glass!

as we left at 730 there was a line out around the block for this delicious toast.   I overheard someone say that a lot of the madison students follow them around on twitter and fb and its like a little cult......A new experience and  grand one at that....
Off to Nostrano we went for dinner - An amazing shaved celery salad with chicory and pisatchios...then a homeade fennel sausage pasta.
Madison never disappoints - like the "underground food collective" on fb and follow th

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