for a phone call
a message
the "go ahead"
to make your next move
for the brownies to be done
for the dryer to shut off
for a red light
for your best friend whos late - always
in line to wash your car
for the gas tank to be filled
for your life to change
for someone elses life to change
for someones elses life to change so yours does
for the rain to stop
for the water to get hot in the shower
for someone to give you a break
in line at the grocery store
for your child to put on her coat
for the onions to carmelize
for the sugar to brown
for the sun to come out
for the next vintage to come out
for the bud to open
for the commercials to be done
for the movie to come out
for bad news to turn to good

Some people like to wait all the time.......for life to come to them.  In some cases we have to wait but for the times that we don't - its time to stop waiting and start doing! 
(hello my beautiful sister - this is for you)

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