Vegas - the $4 steak dinners (which I have NEVER seen) the Elvis impersonators, the lights, the buzz, the all night, all day, 24/7, drive thru weddings, slot machines, bells ringing, girls wearing next to nothing, buffets,  celebrities, noise, people, limos, shuttles, People, drinks, little cards with naked women on them....etc

Most people think thats what Vegas is and that all it is. 

My version of Vegas is oh so different.......Food.  MOst of the best chefs in the world have a restaurant here, and all are in a 7 block radius......hundreds of them, waiting. 
Spas- i believe to this day that the Wynn has the best spa ( i have been to many on the strip)  Jon has given me massages at the Wynn for 6, maybe 8 years.  His hands are like magic. 
WIne.  Its everywhere.  And some things I have never seen before or never tried my fingertips.  
Did i mention the food.  Every hotel fights for you to come to theirs for dinner.  Joel Robuchon, Michael Mina, Mario Batali, Todd English, Thomas Keller, Jose Andres, Wolfgang puck, emerile legasse, bobby flay,  David Burke, Charlie Palmer, Tom Colicchio, Guy savoy and the list never ends with celebrity chefs.  I love to eat.  I love flavors and food that livens my life.  Ask a loved one how a bad meal can change my night in a flip of a dice.......(im working on it only changing a 10 minute span ;)
Service - amazing.  not just good or ok or great.....most are amazing.  Its hard to come across amazing service anymore.  Most of the servers there are professionals.  Thats what their career is and they make awesome money.  They are not college students who dont eat meat or forget about you or go smoke a cigarette and not wash their hands before they come back to the table.....
Also - if you love to look at nature and its beauty do it.  Rent a car and go to Red Rock Canyon.  I have been there more than once.  Its spectacular and only 30 minutes (or 20 mins in the Viper shown above) and its stunning.  Skiing in the winter there.  How about Hoover dam - truly a manmade wonder.
I had my own helicopter pilot once fly me into the grand canyon for lunch and bubbly and then watch the sunset in the horizon then fly down las vegas boulevard at night to see the lights. 
Vegas is not just gambling and showgirls and lights and drinking cheap ass drinks.  Its a couple fine blocks of can eat, drink, go to a show, walk, go alone and feel safe (which I have gone to Vegas well over a dozen times alone) and live life without regret and breaking the bank with a toss of a dice..   If you happen to go through a drive thru and get married - so be it........that old saying is true if you want it to be. 

shut up and put your money where your mouth is

best moment of my day - realizing I wont be alone forever

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