When you have house made sausage AND chicken and waffles - what do you choose?
Chicken was breaded with almost a dried gravy like taste - then a sweet potato hash with bacon - then Waffles with syrup - Its gluttonous
Then, I think Im being healthy by getting the french omelet with Greens and house made sausage - the sausage was like heaven and when I first cut into it, this delicious juice went spattering out and hit the bartender.....because at a place like this you MUST sit at the bar and make friends with the bartender.  This place was buzzing - and I heard its almost impossible to get into for dinner.  I can taste why!

I had a sparkling gamay and then also ordered a side of those house made zucchini pickles that I could have had an entire jar of....They have a coffee barista just grinding and making coffee with a black grounds stained apron.  You'd see him resurface from creative coffee brewing every couple of minutes, wiping his sweating brow and smiling that he may be making the best cup of jo in the city.

They also have 6 rooms upstairs they rent out by the night! 
I loved it here - Id go back in a heartbeat! Brunch is spectacular! 27 on Zagat!

Longman & Eagle

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