Today was.................Holy shit so much happened.

I woke up at 5 AM  to study for this test on Friday that has me so stressed out its crazy.
I had to pull over during a storm in Hilbert - hail, crazy 70 mph winds, sheets of rain, - during this time I just wanted there not to be a tornado as I was wearing the cutest dress with red heels and I didnt want to have to run into the ditch - what a pain.  I made it through with no wet dress or ruined heels.
Had quite a lunch.....delicious minestrone soup with Copertino Italian red wine.  Wine was surprisingly better then I thought as was the steeliest eyes in town town. 
Work surprised me all day with good orders. 
I picked up Dick Dore from Foxen Vineyards and winery at Club Liquor.  We were headed toNorthshore for a wine dinner. The wines were stellar .  The lake looked mad throughout our whole evening.  Dick was a pleasure as we swapped restaurant stories from around the country and honestly, we have the same love for so many restaurants its quite a coincidence.  Its weird to know that someone has eaten in the same spot as you, thousands of miles away, and has eaten the same thing and we can talk about that same dish months later.  AWESOME..
We drank his 09 Foxen Chardonnay - full yet crisp with tinge of butter and oak
Foxen Santa maria hills pinot noir - bright fruit with cherry berry flavors
Foxen Julias vineyard 06 - A tiny bit aged taste (which i love) crackle berry with cherry notes and cola- smooth and lingering
Foxen Julias vineyard 07 - More Acidity with Fruit and a finish that needs food
Foxen Cabernet - I will tell you I was impressed with this.  I wasnt expecting this full flavored delicious caberenet - and there it was - BIG and lingering
Foxen range west - cabernet and merlot blend - Had an edge to it i wasnt expecting and i loved it. 
What a pleasure the night was...............then I came home...............And tomorrow I will be proud to announce, once I find out for sure its not a joke, some amazing news for me.  Until then, I am super excited what life has dealt me these days.  Everyday I feel luckier to be alive.  Ive always appreciated life, nature and love.  But i feel like my Vegas dealer has been dealing me blackjack everyday lately.  I am blessed to the max...and it just keeps coming

Funny how time slips away

Best part of my day - i have 2.  Drinking Foxen Julias Vineyard 06 pinot noir with Dick Dore - the very man who helped make this wine. He lives there, He picks, he blends, he drinks, he works these long hours that everyone thinks is so fun, hes a true santa barbara pioneer
2.                 10.41 pm - My life seemed to stop.  Pure excitement.  havent felt like this - since ever

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