I was at one of the Vanderbilt Mansions in Newport Rhode Island a couple of years back.  It was a bit more glitzy and luxurious (is that possible) then this mansion....but just the same, I have my bags packed if they want me to move in.

This "compound" is HUGE! and has everything -  you never had to leave. Billiards room, indoor pool, workout rooms, kitchens, organ room, banquet halls, music room, salon, game room, sitting rooms, bedrooms, bathroom upon bathrooms and tons of guest rooms which their names were properly placed on the door on a plaque so they knew their room assignment.  Oh yes of course...they also had a bowling alley!

On the outside of the home, their was acres upon acre for hunting, hiking, horse riding, swimming and fishing.  Also hundreds of acres of gardens and then, a huge greenhouse bigger then my home now.  

Then of course they had the servants quarters.  

For the boys there was a bachelors wing - equipped with a gun, smoking and billiards room....It was pretty majestic.  And I only got to see an eighth of the house.  

THey have now turned this beautiful place into a tourist attraction - with 3 restaurants and shops galore.  I ate at the Bistro and it was lovely.

THey also have a winery and acres planted to vines.  The wines were average and they had many things to choose from.  My favorite being a sparking they had - blanc de Noir.  ANd a cabernet from Napa.  Yes I said Napa.  Most of their wine is brought in from California, with some being from North Carolina.

I was their for about 8 hours and didnt see everything so plan to spend the day there.  I enjoyed it and despite the rain....a great day.

Go check it out  www.biltmore.com 

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