When you think about your loved ones what do you think.......they are their to support me, love me, hold me, tell me when I have bats in the cave, laugh.............live

Tonight I had a wine dinner and I looked around at the couples there- Some where happy and as the wine flowed, happier.  Some were there for date night, some for excitement, some to learn, some to congregate with friends....I realized how wine and these couples had a lot in common.  It was another thing they had in common to talk about, to learn with each other, to compare notes, to have another experience.  Life seems to be about the experiences we make with each other, may it be friends or family or work or loved ones.  Wine is this paste that glues it together at these events.  It gives everyone a common ground. I stand up in front and tell everyone a little bit of knowledge, maybe i tell them a little about my crazy life or throw in a story about my beloved grandparents, we hand out some food that pairs and BAM......happy people.  These people, month after month, come back to get educated, drink wine and have a memorable experience with their loved one.  Damn is that a good day.....today was a good day. Thanks to all that come.  I appreciate it.  A lot of these people tell me they live vicariously through my life and little do they know, I live through theirs.'

without saying a word you can light up the dark

best moment of the day - I got my itinerary to Italy this morning - I cried for almost 10 minutes - I am truly blessed

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