So a night out with 2 couples (as usual Im the loner :) but im ok with it, i get more wine)
We went to Cannovas in Neenah - an amazing family owned Italian restaurant in the heart of Neenah.......I decided to bring Buttercup out (my 71 volvo) and lazily made my way there.  We got there and the place was buzzing.  I was handed a glass of crisp and zesty sauvignon blanc from New Zealand - Glazebrook- a favorite!  What a great way to end the week.  It was a stifling hot in there so we sat on the patio - and what a great was an extraordinary evening out, sun setting and a cool breeze.  We ordered some apps - mussels with cream sauce, calamari with homeade red sauce and the crab cake special.  Im not much of a deep fried calamari girl but I could eat a dump trunk full of this stuff.  Its the red sauce i swear, but I love it.  I ordered the special - Pangasius with citrus risotto and asparagus.  Pangasius is a freshwater fish, thin, light fish with a hint of buttery finish.  It was tasty.
Of course dessert was in order with my friends, cheesecake with chocolate and caramel chunks and Debs homemade Tiramisu.  It was a good night.  Great Conversation, we laughed so hard people were staring (jealous Im hoping and not irritated)  As I drove home tonight, windows down, breeze blowing my hair, the smell of lilacs and cherry blossoms in the air and Willie on the radio.......lifes too long, its time for a change
6/13/2011 11:57:14 pm

That sounds like quite a night!! In hindsight everything always looks better when you reflect on it. We are constantly living a dream, sometimes we dont know it until we think back and revisit passed experiences. Having good freinds to gather with and talk about lifes journeys and adventures is how I would measure my life.


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